The Road to MiM

Mobility is Medicine was founded in 2017 to foster collaboration and innovation among MiM industry stakeholders, and promote safer mobility practices for health-care workers and patients.

  • 2016
  • Stakeholders

    Identification of key industry players

    Annual SPHM Conference

    Interprofessional team meets to discuss the future of the industry

    Literature Review

    Review of existing standards: ANA, VA, OSHA

    SPHM Toolkit

    Tools to determine ROI for mobility programs are created

  • 2017
  • Seven Year MiM Pathway

    MiM team begins to create roadmap for future mobility industry

    Annual SPHM Conference

    Call for industry innovation for 2018 conference

    Launch Party

    Key representatives join to create momentum for the forum launch

    Jeffersonian Dinner

    A new idea to stimulate industry innovation

  • 2018
  • MiM Forum Launch

    First web based Safe Mobility platform is created with help from industry experts.

    Annual SPHM Conference

    MiM has a booth; passions ribbons are announced

    First MiM Workshop

    Held at Cedars-Sinai in LA

    Strategic Planning

    In discussions with other facilities for future workshops

  • 2019
  • Second MiM Workshop

    Held at NorthBay in San Francisco

    SPHM Poster Accepted

    MiM: An Innovative Approach to Uniting SPHM Professionals

  • 2020
  • Proning Video on Demand Series Begins

    Featuring Kathleen Vollman, Dr. Joyce Black, and Dr. Gail Powell-Cope, providing clinical guidance for care providers dealing with COVID-19 and ARDS patients


    Next Steps

    Research reveals one of the most effective forms of modern medicine is not a pharmaceutical breakthrough, but rather a collaborative approach to patient care through patient centered mobility practices. Recent trends in healthcare demonstrate that a model of mobility protocol and increased nursing therapy cooperation results in a mobility focused care plan. Research has proven benefits of mobility, including pressure injury prevention, DVT prevention, falls prevention, decreased length of stay, and more.

    Implementing these programs is a shift in typical and traditional care and requires resources, education, planning, and support. Mobility programs alone risk increasing exposure of patient handling injuries to caregivers. MiM or Mobility is Medicine is an emerging platform for improving free open source sharing of information and resources to promote safe improved mobility in healthcare. All disciplines, including vendors, nurses, researchers, physical and occupational therapists and ergonomists are invited to participate and contribute to the Mobility is Medicine movement.

    The future of MiM, though largely undefined, will focus on the continued multimedia efforts to boost interprofessional communication to unite the SPHM industry.